Pet peeves 1 and 2

I’ve decided to start listing my pet peeves. I feel like too many things annoy me, and I think it might be therapeutic to list them out. Maybe seeing how petty some of them are will allow me to ignore them in the future and start enjoying life more (doubtful, but I can dream). My goal is to reach 100 and exhaust myself of negative feelings. I’ll try to do one or two a week in between more substantial posts.

So let’s start. Are you excited? No? You know what? You piss me off too.

1. Slow checkouts.

I’ll never understand how some people can be so slow checking out of a store. It’s a simple process, and one which we all should have a lot of experience performing. Sure, there will be times when a cashier is new, or maybe there is a language barrier, but otherwise you should have an idea of how it’s going to proceed. I’ll even forgive the occasional coupon (It better not be expired, asshole), but sometimes it feels like everything is in slow motion. People don’t put their items up fast enough, don’t move them forward to give you space, don’t have their money or card ready, don’t know how to work the card machine and then ask the cashier a question after they should be done. It’s all very inconsiderate. I try to do everything as fast as possible. I don’t want to waste the time of the cashier or the people behind me. I often watch people checking out and wonder if I could move as slow if I tried, and I usually decide I couldn’t.

2. Walking abreast on narrow sidewalks.

I’m so glad my parents taught me common courtesy while walking. If you see that a sidewalk is narrow and your group is about to pass another person, and you don’t walk single-file, you’re all dicks. I’m tired of being forced off a sidewalk, often onto grass covered with dog shit (A future subject), and they don’t even notice the event occurred. I see large families walking side-by-side, and I cringe.


One thought on “Pet peeves 1 and 2

  1. Like when you are in the subway and the conductor get on the PA and announces that “if you can’t get in this train there is one directly behind this one”. Of course there is because the train is on a TRACK!


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