The journey begins

It’s strange how long a person can leave an idea alone in their head, where it’s safe from criticism and failure.  I’ve hemmed and hawed about this site for years, but now it finally begins. I’m excited. You should be excited too. Why? I guess that’s a fair question. In a world inundated with blogs and website, with twitter feeds and Instagram accounts, how do you decide what to follow?

Well, in my opinion, you should follow someone that’s going to provide you with variety. You want both rhetoric and fiction? I’m your man. Do you want the author’s neurosis to bleed through? Yeah, of course you do, so I’m your man. At this point you’re getting your wallet out, but stop. I’m writing all of this for free! I know, stop thanking me. Just sit back, grab your favorite snack, and watch this crazy Bronxite write about anything and everything.

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